My Baby Won’t Sleep

I safely came out of the four month sleep regression. Everything was working out pretty well until the eight month sleep regression hit me like a heart attack. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be that bad because I felt she had grown.


my baby baby wont sleep

During this time, I realized that the 4 months sleep regression is not a real regression. A regression means that the baby’s sleep will eventually resume as usual after a series of sleepless moments. However, this is not what happens at four months. From three to five months, the changes in baby’s sleep pattern are here to stay.


The 8th month sleep regression is different because the baby’s brain has developed. My own baby started having sleepless nights, refusing naps and even fighting. I realized that the many things that she keeps up with are what affected her sleep.


I also noticed that these regressions generally start at the same time as nap changes. The changes came to me as a surprise. At first, I was not prepared to handle the changes in her sleep and this made my baby become extremely tired. Later, I learnt that it is over-tiredness that made it difficult for her to fall asleep.


There is so much going on in my baby’s life crawling, sitting up, and pulling up. She is also learning the fundamentals of communicating. I feel that this activities are overwhelming for the baby because they involve time, energy and practice.


Unfortunately, this practice occurs at a time when the baby should be asleep. It can be quiet challenging for a baby to learn how to put their brains to rest. This mostly affects children who lack self soothing skills. Even with all my efforts to help her sleep, my baby won’t sleep. She keeps on fighting my soothing efforts.


I was used to twenty minutes of rocking her to sleep but this changed to sixty minutes when the eight month regression started. I have realized that my presence around her hinders her ability to fall asleep because she takes longer when am around. It might be her way of communicating to me that she will be falling asleep more on her own. Owing to this, I have created a conducive sleeping environment for her. I have made sure there is nothing in her crib that can destruct her from soothing herself to sleep.


Additionally I have torn down anything that can stimulate her including wall papers, toys and patterns on her sheets. Her room is nice and dark and I think my adjustments will make her bored so she can sleep on her own. Furthermore, I will make certain that her sleep schedule meets her needs. No more forcing her to sleep when it’s not yet time for her to rest.


I will stick to my normal sleep routines so that I do not get stressed up by creating new sleep habits. The eight month sleep regression is not here to stay; it’s just a matter of time. The eighth month sleep regression is why my baby won’t sleep. It is a tough one but for baby this is a great sleep training opportunity.