First Time Ice Skating With The Kids

A brand new ice rink was just put in a few weeks ago downtown, so I decided to take the kids ice skating for the first time. They were so excited to ice skate “just like Anna in Frozen!” It was a struggle from the very beginning. My middle girl insisted on wearing her Else costume, which I continuously rejected because the flimsy material would not keep her warm on the ice.




After chasing her around the house with her winter jacket while she yelled, “The cold never bothered me anyway,” for 20 minutes, we finally compromised. She would wear her sweats underneath her Elsa costume and I would bring her jacket for when she inevitably complained about being cold.


I rounded the kids up into the car and got to the rink just as they were opening. We rented skates, which all the kids complained hurt their feet. I managed to get them to sit still long enough for me to lace them up. Then we hit the ice.


Once we got on the ice all the complaining was completely worth it. I got on the ice first and guided each one by the hand onto the ice with me. We held hands as we tried to make our first movement around the rink, and instantly the littlest fell, bringing us all down with her. We collapsed into a fit of laughter.


Eventually, the two oldest got the hang of it and I sent them off to slowly make their way around the rink, gripping the wall for balance. I guided my youngest around the rink and my oldest quickly lapped us, laughing and yelling about being a hockey star.


A kind woman spinning in the middle of the ice quickly caught the eye of my middle child, who wanted to be just like her. Right as she was about to collapse into a fit of tears over her inability to dance on the ice, the woman skated over to us and offered to help my daughter learn to skate backwards, which she insisted was the first step to being an Olympic skater.


My oldest child agreed to help her sister around the rink so I could take some pictures. They were priceless! At one point, my middle child even joined the other two and they skated around the rink holding hands.


Even though my middle girl frequently fell and pulled the others down with her, something about the magic of the ice caused them all to laugh together every time. They were so patient with her as they moved her slowly around the rink. After two hours, all three were skating around the rink, hands off the wall, and my two oldest were even moving pretty quickly backwards.


After the kids were exhausted I took them to get ice cream and we watched Frozen for the umpteenth time. I promised to take them back again the next week. They will all be skating like Elsa in no time!