How you can get a dog!

When I got my first koolie I didn’t really know if go with a puppy or a rescue dog. So I went online and did some research and discovered a wonderful organization called Australian Koolie Rescue (AKR). This organization offers hope, safety and care for Koolies at risk of death and the dogs are then put up for adoption.





Their website shows the names and pictures of dogs that they have rescued, followed by a statement giving the dog’s background story. After viewing the pictures of rescued dogs, I settled for one and then made contact with AKR on a Friday morning.

By late afternoon, the rescue center had already replied positively and I made arrangements to go and pick up my dog. The good thing about AKR is the fact that they give you all the information about the dog that you’re interested in adopting. Since they’ve stayed with the animal for a while, they know all about the behavior that you can expect.


Apart from offering dogs for adoption, AKR also runs a foster program. The organization also liaises with dog trainers to provide the service to owners. So if you’re looking for a herding dog, it will receive training and you will get a loyal servant to help out on the farm. Dogs are also trained for other duties such as working with law enforcement.

If your dog has aggression problems, the dog trainers can also help with that. AKR also makes arrangements for kennels where you can leave your dog in the hands of caring handlers. So after picking up my dog from the rescue center, I surprised my girlfriend with a new dog and we couldn’t be more happier with our pet. We decided to call him Chester after my beloved team, Manchester United.